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Imagine an activity that increases your flexibility, strengthens your muscles, centers your thoughts, and relaxes and calms you. Balance Yoga Sydney Yoga Classes do all this and more!

Yoga uses postures, concentration, your body and breathing techniques to integrate your mind and body and connect your mind with your soul. The different yoga poses help to condition your body.   Find the yoga class that is right for you below.

Find the yoga class that is right for you


Beginners Yoga

Yoga helps to develop deeper self awareness and balance mentally, emotionally and physically.

This Essential practices is based on the essential poses in Hatha Yoga without the practice of Vinyasa Flows. This class is ideal for anyone who is new to yoga or wants to refine the foundations of their yoga practice, as well as those who suffer for shoulder, elbow or wrist injuries. This class will introduce you to the basic postures, alignment, and practice of yoga. It will introduce you to breath awareness as well as the foundation.

Additionally suitable for Seniors, plus sizes and people recovering from injuries and illness. If you have any questions about the suitability for you please let us know.

Beginners Foundation of Yoga Course

Yoga is a physical practice that incorporates breath awareness, physical postures, poses and alignment to help develop mental, emotional and physical balance. Through the regular practice of yoga, you will help to stretch and lengthen the muscles, build and develop strength while also learning to calm the physical body and mind through breath.

In this course you will learn:

  • The essential postures, poses, alignment and breath to gain a firm grounding in your yoga practice.
  • To develop a greater understanding of the techniques and purposes, allowing you to gain a firm grounding in its concept
  • To develop self-awareness and balance mentally, physically and emotionally
  • Calm the mind and body through the practice of moving meditation, yoga

Open Yoga

A mixed level class leading you through a sequence of yoga postures with breath awareness to bring greater strength, tone and alignment to the body whilst creating more calmness and clarity in your mind. This class includes a flowing vinyasa sequence for different levels.
Teachers assess individuals during the class and offer different variations for the postures and techniques to suit their different levels of experience from beginner to intermediate.

Beginners are most welcome to attend this class.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a slower paced practice that focuses on holding poses for extended periods. The practice focuses on increasing the flow if qi energy through the yin meridians to help release deeply into the ligament and connective tissue. It’s suitable for levels of experience.

Okido Yoga

Traditional Japanese Okido Yoga is grounded in classical yoga and combined with the Japanese Zen tradition. This unique yoga incorporates elements from many disciplines including Hatha yoga, Zen, Taoism, traditional eastern medicine, the martial arts and shiatsu. It’s original inspiration comes from the late Japanese zen yoga master, Masahiro Oki, and is a wholistic way of cultivating the life force. Peter’s Glebe class incorporates yoga asana, do-in self massage, qigong, meridian work, strength and purification exercises. Hara activating, joint mobilising, nourishing and strengthening.. an enjoyable, mindful and self-healing class to sustain you through the day and the week.

Yoga For Recovery

Yoga views the mind and body as one integrated system which given a conducive environment to rest and repair we activate our own inner healing power.  Practicing a variety of techniques helps to access the innate healing ability, restore hope and most importantly alleviate suffering. Practices include postures to release the body, relaxations to calm the mind and reduce tension, breathing to restore the nervous system and activate the relaxation response, self reflection to create change.

Yoga is the ultimate practice of mindfulness. This class is a soothing and nurturing environment which creates the environment for the mind/body to heal.

This practice is designed to support addiction recovery, eating disorder recovery, anxiety, depression and stress as well as physical injuries or conditions in general. It will help restore your confidence and knowledge of your inner healing capacities and give you relief by finding inner peace and a place with in that you can access your inner nature of wellbeing.

Working with the mind, the body and the breath this practice calms the nervous system and activates our innate healing abilities and access inner resources and inner strength.

It may be recovery from a busy week, feeling over worked, grief, a sporting injury, physical weakness, addictions, self harm, anxiety, depression or eating disorders.

Come to this relax, friendly and supportive class and leave feeling more in alignment with your true self and your inner calm.

Prenatal Yoga Balance Yoga Sydney

Meditation and Relaxation Course

Be guided through a relaxation practice every Monday evening, and learn how to use the breath, visualization and relaxation to quieten the mind, still the body and calm your emotions.

This course is designed to explore a variety of techniques to help promote relaxation. Through exploring meditation this way, there is no effort for you to fit the practice but will ultimately help you but to find a practice that fits you.

From this, gain a sense of tranquility and the mental and practical tools to take this with you into your everyday life.

Yoga for Anxiety and Depression Course

This is a therapeutic yoga practice helping to gradually restore a greater sense of balance, connection to self and awareness of the nature of the mind so one feels more empowered towards a feeling of mental and emotional well-being.

The classes will be facilitated in a supportive and comfortable environment, which makes it easier to relax. Explore and grow your own depths of yoga and meditation throughout the practice, with no judgment or expectations posed.

No prior experience required.

Pilates Balance Yoga Sydney


Pilates is a physical fitness system originally developed in the early 20th century as a rehabilitation program for prisoners of war by Joseph Pilates. His “Pilates Method” was later found to be beneficial for anyone seeking a higher level of fitness. Using a combination of spinal awareness, proper breathing, strength and flexibility, the Pilates Method conditions ‘core’ muscles: the abdominals, back and buttocks with an emphasis on healthy spinal and pelvic alignment. The benefits include better posture, toned stomach and buttocks, improved coordination and balance as well as increased energy levels.
Contributing to the ongoing success and popularity of Pilates today is its ability to be modified for a large range of people with different skill and fitness levels. Each exercise has been developed with modifications to make it safe and challenging for almost anyone.

Our mat Pilates classes are taught at a basic level with progressions offered for more advanced students to provide a dynamic core focused workout suitable for all levels of experience.

Restorative Yoga

Enjoy in this beautiful class which will melt away your stress and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. Easy relaxation skills and beautiful relaxing tibetan bowls will leave you feeling like a new person.

PreNatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga keeps you healthy, fit and relaxed during your pregnancy and prepares you for labour, birth and parenting.
The practice of Prenatal Yoga enables you to utilise your amazing inner resources of strength, calmness and intuition. You will learn important prenatal relaxation skills, positions, and breathing for labour and birth.
From conception to birth and first year of life is an essential time of physical and emotional development. This is a critical time for the development of primal adaptive system which is the primal brain, hormonal system and immune system as a whole. As the mother relaxes the baby feels that relaxation too and thus begins the wonderful role of motherhood and actually teaching the baby how to relax as well.
The Prenatal Yoga class is one of the best things to do for you and your baby during pregnancy.

Prenatal Yoga Balance Yoga Sydney

Mums and Bubs Yoga Course

Yoga not only helps develop your connection and awareness within your own body, but in the practice of Yoga with your baby you will help connect and bond with your baby in this fun and relaxed atmosphere, and learn, through the practice of yoga, to trust your intuition as a mother.
Throughout this course we focus on:

Connecting with the pelvic floor to strengthen and tone for long term continence, improved intimacy and higher energy levels.
Developing core strength by activating the abdominals and pelvic floor.
Releasing the neck and shoulders, and strengthening the back.
Opening the heart space to feel more kindness and patience.
Finding relaxation in the sometimes hectic world of being a mother!
Beginners are most welcome. Open to all mums and babies after your six-week post natal check up.

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Yoga Teacher Training

Here at Balance Yoga Sydney we have designed our Yoga Teacher Training’s to evolve its students to not only be the best Yoga teachers they can be but also be the best version of themselves. We’ve taken our passion of Yoga to the next level and have created these training to share our passion with like-minded yogi’s and yogini’s. Through these courses you will meld the scientific aspects of yogic anatomy and physiology with the ancient art and science that is Yoga. You will be supported to become a confident Yoga Teacher.