Yoga for Anxiety and Depression Course

Yoga for Anxiety and Depression Course

This is a therapeutic yoga practice helping to gradually restore a greater sense of balance, connection to self and awareness of the nature of the mind so one feels more empowered towards a feeling of mental and emotional wellbeing.

You will learn:

  • The psycho-biology of stress and how yoga can positively affect it
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques which bring about more calm and positive states of mind and body
  • Yoga postures which help you feel more grounded, centered and release stress
  • You will walk away with practices that can be used in daily life

The classes will be facilitated in a supportive and comfortable environment, which makes it easier to relax. Explore and grow your own depths of yoga and meditation throughout the practice, with no judgment or expectations posed.

No prior experience required.

$132 for 6-week course

Bookings essential



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