What is yoga?

Generally, yoga is recognised as an ancient system of philosophies, principles and practices derived from India. Yoga is not just a workout regime that helps people improve strength and flexibility, but a practice that integrates mental wellbeing, internal peacefulness and balance of the mind. For many, yoga is not just a practice and a set of principles, but a way of life.

Yoga involves a combination of physical movements, spiritual enlightenment, meditation and relaxation.


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Which classes should I attend?

Our Beginner yoga classes are designed specifically for people who are just starting out. The class is based on Hatha Yoga without the practice of Vinyasa flow.

Our Open yoga class is suitable for any level of practice. Open yoga offers different variations of techniques to suit each student’s level of experience. Some of our classes are in Mandarin.

We also offer a range of prenatal yoga classes, mums and bubs courses and recovery and restorative yoga classes for your needs.

What is Vinyasa?

In the modern context of yoga, vinaysa means a meditative, flow sequence of asana (posture) practice which, links each posture with the breath. At BYS we also like to remind people that  traditionally, it is translated as vi- especially, nyasa- step and refers to an intelligent progression and sequencing of practice which effectively leads us towards our goal or yoga.

What do I need to bring to a class?

You need to bring a yoga mat and water to your class. We sell basic Yoga mats in studio fr $25 each.

What do I wear to my class?

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in! We recommend wearing something that allows you to move freely. Keep in mind most of our classes will involve stretching and bends that require freedom of movement.

Should I eat before class?

Avoid eating two hours before practicing yoga. If pregnant, just have a light snack if needed.

Do I need to book to attend a class?

Bookings are essential for your classes. To view our timetable and book a spot in any of our available classes, click here.

How much is a class?

We have different pricing packages to choose from View them all here.

Is it safe to practice yoga during pregnancy?

Follow general exercise guidelines during your pregnancy such as do not overheat and listen to your body. Do not push yourself to a level of discomfort. Ask your caregiver for the exercise guidelines for a healthy pregnancy.

What are the benefits of practicing yoga while pregnant?

Prenatal yoga is great for women who want to exercise the body throughout their pregnancy. Prenatal yoga helps prepare women for labour, birth and parenting. Prenatal yoga enables women to utilise their amazing inner resources of strength, calmness and intuition.