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Find the yoga class that is right for you


Beginners Foundation of Yoga Course

Yoga is a physical practice that incorporates breath awareness, physical postures, poses and alignment to help develop mental, emotional and physical balance. Through the regular practice of yoga, you will help to stretch and lengthen the muscles, build and develop strength while also learning to calm the physical body and mind through breath.

In this course you will learn:

  • The essential postures, poses, alignment and breath to gain a firm grounding in your yoga practice.
  • To develop a greater understanding of the techniques and purposes, allowing you to gain a firm grounding in its concept
  • To develop self-awareness and balance mentally, physically and emotionally
  • Calm the mind and body through the practice of moving meditation, yoga

Okido Yoga

Traditional Japanese Okido Yoga is grounded in classical yoga and combined with the Japanese Zen tradition. This unique yoga incorporates elements from many disciplines including Hatha yoga, Zen, Taoism, traditional eastern medicine, the martial arts and shiatsu. It’s original inspiration comes from the late Japanese zen yoga master, Masahiro Oki, and is a wholistic way of cultivating the life force. Peter’s Glebe class incorporates yoga asana, do-in self massage, qigong, meridian work, strength and purification exercises. Hara activating, joint mobilising, nourishing and strengthening.. an enjoyable, mindful and self-healing class to sustain you through the day and the week.

Yoga For Recovery

Yoga views the mind and body as one integrated system which given a conducive environment to rest and repair we activate our own inner healing power.  Practicing a variety of techniques helps to access the innate healing ability, restore hope and most importantly alleviate suffering. Practices include postures to release the body, relaxations to calm the mind and reduce tension, breathing to restore the nervous system and activate the relaxation response, self reflection to create change.

Yoga is the ultimate practice of mindfulness. This class is a soothing and nurturing environment which creates the environment for the mind/body to heal.

This practice is designed to support addiction recovery, eating disorder recovery, anxiety, depression and stress as well as physical injuries or conditions in general. It will help restore your confidence and knowledge of your inner healing capacities and give you relief by finding inner peace and a place with in that you can access your inner nature of wellbeing.

Working with the mind, the body and the breath this practice calms the nervous system and activates our innate healing abilities and access inner resources and inner strength.

It may be recovery from a busy week, feeling over worked, grief, a sporting injury, physical weakness, addictions, self harm, anxiety, depression or eating disorders.

Come to this relax, friendly and supportive class and leave feeling more in alignment with your true self and your inner calm.

Prenatal Yoga Balance Yoga Sydney

Meditation and Relaxation Course

Be guided through a relaxation practice every Monday evening, and learn how to use the breath, visualization and relaxation to quieten the mind, still the body and calm your emotions.

This course is designed to explore a variety of techniques to help promote relaxation. Through exploring meditation this way, there is no effort for you to fit the practice but will ultimately help you but to find a practice that fits you.

From this, gain a sense of tranquility and the mental and practical tools to take this with you into your everyday life.

Yoga for Anxiety and Depression Course

This is a therapeutic yoga practice helping to gradually restore a greater sense of balance, connection to self and awareness of the nature of the mind so one feels more empowered towards a feeling of mental and emotional well-being.

The classes will be facilitated in a supportive and comfortable environment, which makes it easier to relax. Explore and grow your own depths of yoga and meditation throughout the practice, with no judgment or expectations posed.

No prior experience required.

Yoga Teacher Training

Here at Balance Yoga Sydney we have designed our Yoga Teacher Training’s to evolve its students to not only be the best Yoga teachers they can be but also be the best version of themselves. We’ve taken our passion of Yoga to the next level and have created these training to share our passion with like-minded yogi’s and yogini’s. Through these courses you will meld the scientific aspects of yogic anatomy and physiology with the ancient art and science that is Yoga. You will be supported to become a confident Yoga Teacher.