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with Alys McLennon

Recovery for the whole self

Trauma-therapy, Body-based therapy, Self-care, Team cohesion, Urban Retreats & Family groups.


MayaKosha Healing is a unique Sydney-based well-being business. I use a combination of trauma-specific and yogic frameworks to support individual recovery journeys and social work practices. The integration of therapeutic mind and body interventions support individuals, families or teams to experience relaxation, rejuvenation and holistic recovery. Trauma informed therapy and body based tools increase resilience, stress-reduction, interoception, emotional regulation, better sleep and other well-being benefits. Clients are provided with a variety of options when it comes to managing their overall journey towards wellness.


Alys McLennan;
BScience (Psychology); Master Social Health & Counselling; Master Social Work (Qualifying)

Alys is a Hatha Vinyasa yoga teacher, social worker and a trauma therapist specialising in children, young people and families who have experienced of trauma, abuse, out of home care and the child protection system.

Alys founded MayaKosha Healing on 26 May 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. At that time, her yoga teaching was placed temporarily on hold due to the Government restrictions on Sydney businesses. As a front line officer and specialist practitioner at one of Sydney’s leading trauma therapy services, Alys is privy to the distress, overwhelm and trauma that our community and essential workers all experienced during the pandemic. As such, her belief in the importance of available, holistic therapies to support clients in their healing journeys, and their workers and services involved, was further consolidated. Alys could see the benefit to providing both trauma- informed care and body- based well-being services to reduce the impact of stressors. Alys can work from her North Strathfield practice setting or in outreach capacities with external agencies for special projects.

Alys has worked in the out of home care and trauma therapy field since 2013 and is a NSW Victims Services registered counselling social worker. Prior to that, she worked at one of Sydney’s main disaster hospitals in front line and managerial positions within the Switchboard and Mental Health Departments from 2010 until 2013. These combined experiences provided Alys with a multi-layered perspective of healing from acute crisis through to longer term therapeutic support.



Trauma therapy and therapeutic body-based sessions using counselling, movement and meditation for individuals,  dyads or families. Specialty group programs available


Therapeutic body-based sessions or counselling. Use of gentle movement and body based healing, parent/ carer support services, carer burnout sessions and retreats to increase self care using yoga, mindfulness and meditation.


Body-based critical reflection, urban retreats, self care and team cohesion workshops and corporate yoga or meditation sessions.


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with Ashley Gobeil

Supporting healing for children, young people & their families

AshleyChildTherapies offers a space for children, young people, adults and families to tap into their innate healing and resiliency abilities through building an experience of connectedness. I use a combination of trauma specific, creative and body based therapies which aim to support individual recovery process and healing practices.
My approaches used in counselling are underpinned by knowledge relating to expressive arts and play based therapies, neurobiology, dyadic developmental psychotherapy, sensorimotor psychotherapy, family systems theory, critical social work theories, narrative therapy, CBT and DBT based tools, and attachment theory.
Research shown that trauma informed therapies and relationally based interventions support attachment development, sensory and trauma integration, emotional regulation, reductions in anxiety, depression, PTSD, and stress; and increase a sense of connection, safety and overall wellbeing.
Clients are provided a range of choice and options in developing their therapeutic plan and interventions are tailored to the needs of the individual or family.


I am a child and family therapist and qualified social worker who has a Masters degree in Social Health and Counselling, and a Masters degree in Social Work, with a background in psychology. The healing power of connection and relationships, body and sensory based therapies, and expressive arts continuously inspire the work that I do. I have been working with children and families for the past 14 years in contexts such as childcare, youth work, family therapy, out of home care, social work, refugee and migrant communities, and trauma counselling. Positions in organisational settings have provided me with great understanding of complex trauma, anxiety, depression, family law, social policy, group work, and the importance of art and play therapy for children and young people. Throughout my experience, I have had the privilege of being involved in hundreds of children and young people’s lives who have taught me about their experiences of mental health, parental divorce, disconnection from family, and trauma related to violence, abuse and neglect. More so they have showed me the importance of experiences of joy, hope, spirituality and culture, laughter and connection in their journey of resilience and healing.
I have a passion for social justice advocacy and enjoys engaging children and young people through their creativity and imagination, their culture, their sense of hope, and their connection to meaningful things in their lives Approaches which integrate relational safety building, children’s rights, neurobiology, trauma and attachment theory, family systems therapies, anti-oppressive and culturally strong practices, and narrative based therapies underpin my therapeutic framework; with a focus on empowerment, choice, and compassion. I also regularly engage in consultation with Aboriginal professionals to explore how I can hold a decolonisation framework in my approaches and hold culturally humility.
My commitment to children, young people and adults in supporting recovery from trauma has extended to speaking at various National and International conferences, developing therapeutic group programs, and supporting other professionals through training and consultation. I also have certificates in Family Therapy, Radical Exposure Tapping (for PTSD and Anxiety), Yoga for the Traumatised Body, Teaching and Training, Nutritional Therapy, and Ayurvedic medicine. I can often be found enjoying the beauty of food and coffee at local cafes, practicing yoga, snuggling with Stanley the therapy cat, reading, cooking or camping to find serenity in nature.
Ashley is an accredited social worker and a member with the AASW.



Counselling and therapeutic groups can support children, young people, and adults in: • Sharing their voice, and having an experience of feeling heard
• Exploring emotional resources for support
• Promoting more connected family relationships
• Grief and Loss
• Promote resilience for recovery & healing from trauma
• Ability to identify and manage overwhelming emotions (increase self-regulation)
• Explore what is underneath ‘anger and worry’
• Strengthened sense of self & confidence
• Manage stress and the impacts of stress
• Gain a deeper understanding of how our family of origin dynamics influence us in our current relationships
• Reduce experiences of anxiety and depression
• Increase focus and concentration
• Strengthen Immunity
• Promote and explore spirituality and connection to self, place and others


As a qualified social worker and counsellor, I offer sessions for a range of issues such as divorce, relationship conflict, anxiety, depression, experinces of trauma, domestic violence, difficulites in parenting and experiences of addiction.



As part of my role in supporting families I also can offer advocacy of children’s individual’s needs in their school setting. I can offer guidance and support during family court and post separation issues; as well as support in relation to escaping domestic and family violence and rights of women and children.


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with Tom Dornan

Tom Dornan is a Clinical Psychologist who uses trauma specific interventions to support vulnerable individuals and families. Tom has worked as a Principal Psychologist in private trauma therapy services for 6 years and prior to this in managerial and clinical roles in specialised fields within the Justice System, DCJ and Victims Services.

Tom has recently completed his PHD focusing on the benefits of using trauma informed interventions with some of the most vulnerable youths in Australia. He enjoys supporting vulnerable persons through play, creative and meaningful approaches as well as through traditional models such as TF-CBT.
Tom is able to provide a wide range of services including assessments and reports, group programs, supervision, training and counselling support.