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Balance Yoga Sydney clinics are located in Glebe and North Strathfield.  Our classes range from beginner classes through to advanced teacher training classes.  Balance Yoga Sydney also run workshops and yoga retreats throughout the year.

Our teachers are qualified with industry associations including Yoga Australia, Yoga Alliance, Australasian Association of Yoga Therapists, you are in safe hands at Balance Yoga Sydney.

Let our instructors guide you through an energising experience.


Balance Yoga Sydney instructors are fully trained professionals.  Your passionate instructors are dedicated to helping you get the best out of every class so you can find the best version of yourself through yoga.


 BSc. -Yoga Therapist (AAYT) , Senior Yoga Teacher (YA), Registered Yoga Teacher Trainer (YA), Birth Educator, Doula, Massage Therapist, Presenter and Author

With experience in:
Women’s Health including Fertility and Pregnancy
Anxiety and Depression
Eating Disorders
Substance Abuse and Recovery 
General Mood Disorders

During her study of Biochemistry and Chemistry, Kylie became intensely interested in understanding more about the body/mind and in fact the universe. This took her to explore the practices of Yoga, meditation, Taoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine where she found an ancient and much deeper understanding of these things.

Kylie has been teaching Yoga since 1997, and has watched many trends and fads within the Yoga industry come and go yet she has maintained Yoga is Yoga and passionately believes in teaching a balance practice and making the Yoga accessible. Helping thousands of people finding inner peace and improved wellbeing regardless of where they are to begin and in all kinds of environments, stages of life, states of illness and wellness. From pregnancy and babies, people in hospitals, schools, corporates, gyms, elite and olympic athletes, kids, teenagers, elderly… and the list goes on.

Through her extensive experience of teaching real bodies and minds (not virtually), scientific mind and heart she continues to refined the art of teaching the ancient science of Yoga.  She using science, philosophy, healing techniques, intuition and an extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, mental health conditions and more to weave together appropriate, effective and accessible practices. She believes to teach Yoga is a service and should be innately empowering to her students, helping them to find inner peace, inner guidance and their own wellbeing.

She has studied and practicing various styles and traditions of yoga and healing arts such as Okido Yoga, Deep Tissue Massage, Shiatsu, Energy Reading, Aura-Soma Colour System as well as Yoga Therapy. Her experience and exploration of meditation and Yoga has come from teachings of Indian, Taoist, Zen and Buddhists traditions. She feels deeply grateful for her all her teachers along her path especially Karima Hinterlintener, Peter Masters, Simon Voysey and Angela Zhu.

One of Kylie’s specialties is in Yoga for Fertility, Women’s health and Pre and Post Yoga. She has supported many couples through birth as a Doula. She is a qualified Childbirth Educator, Doula through Birthing Rites Australia and was a registered Calmbirth® Practitioner with Calmbirth® Australia Bowral for over a decade. Kylie created and facilitates a Registered 50 hr Pre & Post Natal Teacher Training registered with Yoga Australia.

Kylie is highly qualified and experience with over 20 years of full time experience in teaching Yoga with a Degree in Science from Syd. Uni. (majoring in Chemistry and Biochemistry), Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy. Kylie is a registered Senior Teacher with Yoga Australia and registered with Australian Association of Yoga Therapists and a Registered Teacher Trainer. She has presented at the Australian Conference of Yoga Therapy on Yoga for Fertility and is a co author in “A Healthy Body” and “A Healthy Spirit”.




Soon after Dan started attending gym yoga classes, he disappeared down the rabbit hole of Ashtanga. Over a 15 year period, Dan engaged in a stop/start practice before recommitting and completing his teacher training in 2015. Dan’s motivation was to make yoga more accessible to guys within his own age bracket who were discouraged by the stereotypical body images of promoted yogis and yoginis. That motivation still exists for Dan but has broadened. Dan sees Balance Yoga Sydney as a ‘broad church’ where people of all ages, shapes, sizes and experiences are welcomed… basically normal people.

Practicing and teaching yoga has assisted Dan in coping with mental and physical health issues and hopes to help those he teaches with these issues too.


Lyn has been travelling her yoga journey for years now, during that time she feels extremely fortunate to have had the pleasure of practicing yoga under the guidance of some wonderfully skilled teachers. However, it was through the support and encouragement of two very special teachers that she felt confident to complete her formal yoga teacher training with Samadhi. This training has enriched her understanding of Yoga as a way of life and given her the opportunity to share this discipline with others; (Kylie and Idit, I am forever grateful!)

It is her hope that students who come to her class not only enjoy the yoga practice for the physical benefits of increased strength, flexibility and energy, but they also gain a feeling of well being and a sense of inner peace. Yoga is a practice that allows you to open your heart, still the mind and be in the present moment.

Lyn has been practicing at the Balance Yoga Studio since 2007 (when it was Concord Yoga Studio), and assisting since 2009 and teaching since 2010.




Quietly, whilst working on reception at the studio for a number of years, Georgia began learning all things Yoga! With a particular interest in the Subtle Body Systems of Yoga she has been exploring life through these lenses. Eventually the interest and passion for Yoga and healing led her to study a Degree in Naturopathy and transferred to Chinese Medicine. She completed her 200hr Teacher Training Certificate at Byron Yoga and was mentored by Kylie and Lyn to begin teaching and find her confidence as a teacher. She has now been teacher for almost 3 years and has studied with Shiva Rae and others Yogis who inspire her.Georgia brings a lot of inner wisdom from her personal Yogic and meditation experiences into her teaching. Combined with her great sense of humour, a big heart, warmth and passion, she is blossoming into a beautiful teacher to guide you.




Rita has loved and practised yoga for over 30 years, and is very enthusiastic about sharing yoga. She completed her 200hr and 150 hr training with Balance Yoga Sydney in 2018 and her Pilates Mat training in 2019.
Focusing her class on breath awareness, alignment, healing and re centering, Rita believes yoga can be a respite from the hectic world. It creates an inner calm that with practise can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Rita invites you to join her on this journey.




Marnie has been performing as a professional contemporary dancer for over 11 years and has been practicing yoga for over 9. She believes yoga is similar to dance in it’s syncing of breath, movement and creative flow. Yoga has been her medicine, helping her maintain a healthy lifestyle and sustain a long career.
What Marnie loves about yoga is how ones experience is different everyday. She loves that it encourages acceptance and humility by challenging you to observe and move your body in the present moment without judgement. Marnie enjoys teaching because she is inspired by an individual’s journey and progression in their practice. She enjoys a space that brings people together to share breath, movement and positivity.


Joakim started yoga practice some 16 years ago. He is qualified at 500-hour yoga alliance level.His introduction to yoga came about as a progression from running and rugby. With an inherent inclination to be connected and present to the quieter and more subtle aspects of being, yoga provided deeper insight into this kind of inquiry. As well as being an excellent way toward physical health, balance and well-being.

His teachers include Graeme and Leonie Northfield (Ashtanga Vinyasa and Movement). Anatoliy Zenchenko (Hatha Yoga). Robin ‘Togen’ Moss (Meditation).

“Peace is one possibility of yoga practice. This takes time and correct method to cultivate. It needs patience and perseverance. Not to mention love and surrender. When peace is uncovered it only takes an instant to recognize it, a lifetime to maintain it.”

“Don’t give up your spark. Tend it.”



Merren was the heart of the old Life and Balance centre caring for everyone who walked in the door. She completed her 200hr and 150hr Yoga Teacher training with Balance Yoga Sydney in 2018 and is now teaching with her decades of personal yoga and pilates practice to draw upon. She has experienced firsthand the physical, mental & emotional transformative power of a regular yoga practice. Merren’s background in natural therapies (homeopathy, herbal medicine & nutrition) informs her understanding of the many physical & emotional imbalances that can benefit from the relaxation, breath awareness, increased strength & flexibility that yoga offers. Merren’s classes flow steadily, allowing time to experience each pose, with a focus on alignment and finding a sense of ease within the postures.




Peter Masters – BA, Dip Shiatsu, STAA, Senior Level III Teacher Yoga Australia

Peter’s a leading Australian Okido Yoga teacher with a wealth of experience to share. He did his original Zen Yoga training with Master Oki in Japan in the early 80’s and was director of Zen Central Yoga Studio in Brisbane from 2002-17. Peter’s taught widely in Australia and is connected to a network of Okido teachers and schools in Australia, Japan, Europe and South America. He regularly takes yoga study trips to Japan and hosts international Okido seminars and workshops in Australia. Peter teaches in the Balance Yoga Sydney, Yoga Teacher Training courses and also offers Zen Shiatsu treatments at the Glebe studio.